Michal's workshop specialises in early and modern bowed musical instruments and can offer bespoke making, maintenance, repair, restoration, period conversion, rental and sales.
Michal has been working with stringed musical instruments since 1999. His training began with doublebass repairer and restorer Pavel Ženíšek in Prague, Czech Republic.
He undertook further professional training at West Dean College, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Under the tuition of master luthiers Roger Rose, Shem Mackey and Zachariah Whitridge he specialised in making and repairing early and modern bowed instruments. Michal graduated with Distinction in summer 2010 and gained the West Dean Trust Chairman's Prize for his high achievement during the course.
After several years working in the workshops around the globe Michal is now established in Cambridge, United Kingdom where he can offer his valuable versatile knowledge and experience to bring you quality bowed musical instruments and services of a professional luthier.